Our Coalition
Bank On Tally works to connect everyone to safe and appropriate financial products and services.

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Bank On Tally is committed to helping residents and businesses access safe and affordable banking products and services. Our partners span across local financial institutions, nonprofit and community organizations to local government agencies, all working to help improve the financial stability or residents and businesses in Tallahassee. 

Bank On Tally is part of the national Bank On movement; like dozens of other Bank On coalitions across the country, Bank On Tally partners across sectors to work to connect residents to banking products certified as meeting the Bank On National Account Standards. Bank On Tally also helps residents and businesses with information about how to use these products effectively and how to navigate the consumer finance marketplace successfully. Bank On coalitions provide outreach and programming to connect residents and businesses to safe financial products, partner with local financial institutions to facilitate account access, and work to integrate banking access strategies into nonprofit and government social services. Joining or supporting Bank On Tally helps us do our critical work of connecting residents and businesses to safe and affordable banking products, starting them down a path towards a stronger financial future.

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